About Neck of the Woods

About Neck of the Woods Tree Service - Emerald Hills, Redwood City CA Arborist - Eddie-NOTW

My knowledge and experience, along with state of the art equipment, allow me to perform a variety of arboriculture services efficiently and safe.

"Award Winning Heritage Oak Tree" Pruning Specialist Dedicated To Proper Tree Care Since 1977"

Services Include:
  • Tree Care From The Ground Up
  • Expert Emergency Tree Removal
  • Expert Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Expert Crane and Rigging Tree Removal
  • Expert Hazard Evaluation and Abatement
  • Expert Selective Thinning and Artistic Pruning
      (Heritage Oak Trees to Japanese Maples)
  • Expert Tree Risk Assessment
  • Expert Tree Selection and Tree Planting
  • Expert Cabling and Bracing
  • Arborist Reports and Tree Permit Applications
  • Tree Protection Guidelines
  • Tree Protection Zone Installation
  • Logging and Wood Milling