Expert Tree Removal

Tree removal may be necessary to abate a hazardous condition.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Emerald Hills CA - Redwood City Stump Grinding - Neck of the Woods - IMG_0093Trees in decline, diseased or structurally unsound may need to be removed before they're completely dead for the safety of the climber and the surrounding area.

A high-risk tree may have potential of failure from a portion of the tree or a risk of the entire tree failure.

Risk factors are greater in urban areas where property damage can occur and high-risk trees can also be life threatening.

We handle all aspects of tree removal from an ISA tree risk assessment which may be required along with an arborist report to obtain a tree removal permit. My arboriculture knowledge and experience help to acquire superior results.

Neck Of The Woods Tree Service provides 24-hour Emergency Tree Service

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