Hazard Tree Risk Assessment

With the amount of percipitation Redwood City has received lately and with a forecast of more to come in the upcoming weeks ahead, the soil has become saturated and tree failure is a major concern, especially where the the risk of personal injury or damage to property exists. Trees that could obstruct roadways and railways should also be assessed to maintain the safety of the public. Certified Arborists are trained to assess potential hazards and make recommendations to minimize or abate the risk of damages incurred from tree failure. The aesthetics of a tree properly pruned and thinned enhances the surrounding area and is an asset. A tree that has been over thinned usually promotes excessive end weight in years to come exhibits a lack of care and knowledge and could become a liability as well. Crown reduction reduces the overall size of a tree and requires expertise to maintain an aesthetically pleasing specimen.

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Eddie Farquharson

ISA Certifed Arborist WC1714 since 1993